An art market for short film.
Why doesn't film have a creator economy?
The case for short film as art
The paradox of film crowdfunding
Discover, collect and invest in short films from some of the most talented filmmakers in the world.
Weirdo is a web3 platform that makes short film collectible as an art form and investable as intellectual property.
Across genres, our curated marketplace of limited-edition NFTs will allow fans, collectors and investors to become patrons of important new voices and participate in film in a meaningful new way — and will help elevate the economic and cultural value of short form work as a whole.
We believe that if talented filmmakers can make meaningful income from film’s most accessible format, there will be a wave of creativity that pushes storytelling forward.
Founding collective
A diverse group of talented directors and influential patrons, who support the mission, set the curatorial tone and provide the first slate of short film NFTs.
  • Established and emerging filmmakers
  • Film investors and crypto art collectors
Genesis Collection NFTs
A 10,000-edition collection of short film NFTs that serves as our membership pass, allowing holders the right to collect NFTs and participate in community and curation.
  • A short film of historic or cultural importance
  • A membership pass for Weirdo collectors
Short film marketplace
A curated gallery of short films by member filmmakers, allowing collectors to buy limited-edition NFT “prints” — some offering rights to invest in future commercial adaptations.
  • Collections of 1-100 NFT editions (ERC-721)
  • “First look” investing rights for proof-of-concept works
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