An art market for
short film.
Discover, collect and invest in short films from some of the most talented film makers in the world.
Short film has always been a pure expression of directorial voice. It can be a proving ground for narrative and formal exploration. It can be a statement of creative or social purpose. It can be a proof of concept for ambitious long-form projects. And it has produced artifacts of enduring cultural value.
But this important work has rarely delivered economic return to its creators. That’s because short film is neither suited for traditional distribution nor for wide online viewership. And given the relatively high cost of production, this disparity is effectively a throttle on accessibility and creativity in film as a whole.
The rise of digital art and asset ownership makes it possible to unlock the latent value of short film, by turning it into a collectible (and investable) medium.
Using NFT technology--but supporting traditional accounts and payments--Weirdo is building a short film platform that creates new financial opportunity for filmmakers, and new ways for fans, collectors and patrons to support and speculate on the medium.
Ultimately, we believe that if talented filmmakers can make meaningful income from film’s most accessible format without the constraints of traditional distribution, there will be a wave of creativity that pushes storytelling forward.
Short film curation
Weirdo is currently assembling a diverse group of experienced curators, who support the mission and will help program the first “slates” of short film drops.
  • Works recognized by major festivals and awards
  • Proofs-of-concept for feature or series projects
  • Exceptional works by grassroots directors
Short film drops
At launch, we will begin dropping 3-5 short films by member filmmakers every month -- each a limited edition collection of NFT "prints" of the film that come with exclusive rights.
  • Numbered, digital print of the film
  • A matching limited edition poster
  • Investing rights for proof of concept films
Platform expansion
Post-launch, we will begin engaging the community of filmmakers and collectors in the curation process and explore additional forms of patronage.
  • Pre-production short film financing
  • Direct investing in proof-of-concept works
  • Community-curated project grants
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